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IPO and Transaction Drafting Sessions

In order to achieve a well-executed IPO, and to operate effectively as a public company, clients begin strategic preparations at least one year before an offering and team with top advisors and experts.  

A well-executed IPO is unanimously viewed as a major accomplishment in a company’s history. Executing that initial public offering is a meticulous and arduous event that requires broad due diligence by the company’s counsel, accountants and underwriters and a substantial time commitment by management before, during and after the offering.  

Once due diligence wraps up, the IPO process moves directly into registration drafting: the working group writes the S-1 registration statement or prospectus. This prospectus is the legal document used to bring the offering to potential investors. Expectations by investors – and the SEC – are that this prospectus/registration statement will be a professionally prepared document. Generally, regardless of whether the IPO will be “traditional” or “confidential,” the drafting process takes anywhere from four to seven drafting sessions, spread over a six- to 10-week period. 

Vintage has defined three models for these sessions, based on the flexibility and budget the client requires. Our delivery is efficient and scalable. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach will match our clients’ individual demands. We deliver the highest standards of professional service, but without the fuss, frills, and expense of our “white glove” competitors.

  1. In our office location: a traditional session model, you’re our VIP guest
  2. At your office or other selected location: minimum travel and billable hours while allowing your senior executives to keep abreast of their daily workload
  3. 100% virtual: the most cost and time efficient alternative  

Absolute cost transparency is a hallmark of the Vintage approach, and a key part of our ability to deliver value to our clients. Our pricing is presented simply, clearly, and to the level of detail that matters to our clients. In fact, Vintage pioneered the concept of open, up-front, and transparent pricing.

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