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Mergers and Acquisitions

A well-executed M&A is built on the same foundation as well-executed IPO. It puts in play many of the same Vintage services. 

Regardless of whether you are creating a new organization by merging or involved in either side of an acquisition, the event is heralded as a milestone. Executing an M&A is a meticulous and arduous event that requires broad due diligence by the company’s counsel and accountants.

M&A deals happen quickly, and our clients want fast turnarounds and aggressive timelines. However, even more critical is the ability to combine this speed with precision as well as the ability to adjust on-the-fly. In other words: It’s not just speed. It’s agility. From our systems to our service to our technology, everything is developed for this combination of speed, precision and flexibility… so you get your deal done.

Flexibility also refers to costs. Absolute cost transparency is a hallmark of the Vintage approach, and a key part of our ability to deliver value to our clients. Our pricing is presented simply, clearly and to the level of detail that matters to our clients.

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