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Institutional & Mutual Fund Services

Vintage collaborates with institutional investors and fund managers across the globe to create, manage, produce and distribute the required documents to fulfill regulatory requirements. 

  • Institutional Investors: Vintage helps institutional investment managers to file quarterly reports of their holdings with the SEC on Form 13F electronically, in XML format, through the EDGAR system.

  • Mutual Funds: We support Mutual Funds throughout the SEC regulatory process.By enhancing traditional publishing processes with automated publishing technology, Vintage WorkStream ensures timeliness and accuracy of crucial records.

Vintage is becoming the first intelligent value option for professional investors' filings by drawing on the best people, facilities, technology, and service to make the filing and compliance process as efficient, transparent and painless as possible for investment management organizations.

Tap Our Expertise for Efficient & Transparent Filing

Institutional Investors

Fast and uncomplicated EDGAR filing for any entity that invests in, buys or sells securities for its own account.

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Mutual Funds

Comprehensive typesetting, printing and EDGARizing and XBRL solutions.

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