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EDGAR for Institutional Investor Compliance

Vintage offers uncomplicated and affordable EDGAR filing for institutional investment managers and any entity that invests in, buys or sells securities for its own account.

Some examples of institutional investment managers include registered investment advisors, banks, broker/dealers and insurance companies. However, the definition is not limited to registered entities. It includes corporations and pension funds that manage their own investment portfolios as well as investment advisors to hedge funds and other private investment advisors.

Quarterly Filings on Form 13F

  • Institutional investment managers who exercise investment discretion over $100 million or more in Section 13(f) securities must report their holdings on Form 13F with the SEC. Form 13F requires disclosure of the names of institutional investment managers, the names of the securities they manage and the class of securities, the CUSIP number, the number of shares owned, and the total market value of each security held / owned.

Form 13H (Large Trader)

  • Vintage is prepared to handle the new 13H requirements, from initial filing through amendments and annual updates. We have been working with clients on 13H filings since before the December 1, 2011 phase-in. We can provide you a PDF proof of your 13H and can work with you to ensure that your required Organizational Chart will be accepted by the SEC. Trust in Vintage to handle these confidential filings.

Filings on Schedules 13G and 13D

  • Investors who accumulate over a 5% position of the total outstanding shares in a company must file either a Schedule 13D or a Schedule 13G. A Schedule 13G filing is reserved for "passive investors" or those who do not intend to "exert control" in a company.
  • Schedule 13D filings are reserved for people or companies who may be interested in agitating for some kind of a change or an activist role at the company. If a stake is greater than 20% of the company, regardless of a passive or active relationship, a Schedule 13D must be filed.
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