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Client Location Transactions

More and more frequently, companies have come to realize that sending key executives and their counsel to a Vintage office location may not be practical for their workflow or budget. Additionally, the scale and complication of the transaction may not need the strict “locked door” model of traditional S-1 drafting.To help clients, we created a complete “Mobile Transaction” team that will work from ANY location convenient to the client and deal-driver. From our systems to our service to our technology, everything is developed for this combination of speed, precision and flexibility.

Hold your session anywhere that is convenient for your working group:

  • Dedicated, on-site Vintage Transaction Captain
  • Complete mobile “technology kit” for real-time communication with Vintage HQ
  • 24/7 typesetting and proofreading
  • Virtual Data Room for preliminary off-site collaboration and document sharing

Vintage is the industry’s only true value provider, delivering an intelligent balance of people, facilities, technology and service to make the drafting and document creation process efficient, transparent and painless for micro- to mid-cap companies.

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