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XBRL Tagging & Filing

XBRL is no longer about SEC compliance. It’s now about speed, accuracy and workflow flexibility.

“I need more time to review and edit,” has been battle cry of CFOs regarding their quarterly XBRL filing process. The milestones and vendor-created deadlines are just too inflexible and making a last minute change has been too expensive – until our fleXBRL program.

Flexibility to match your workflow:

  • XBRL Complete: Flexible XBRL tagging process between Vintage and client’s on-staff financial team. Our XBRL Dedicated Accountants execute taxonomy-tagging process while clients have real-time web portal/Microsoft Office oversight to review, directly edit and submit both XBRL and associated HTML EDGAR files at any time up to the filing deadline.
  • XBRL Command: 100% self-serve web portal/Microsoft Office solution for companies with on-staff XBRL specialist(s). XBRL and associated HTML EDGAR files can be submitted to the SEC at any time up to the filing deadline.
  • XBRL Core: Traditional Excel-based XBRL tagging and filing solution. All tagging, timeline management and final filing executed by Vintage XBRL specialists. Adherence to filing workflow timeline is essential.

Plus, thanks to the technical nature of XBRL, upgrading to more flexible platforms is now an effortless and free switch. Your current XBRL tags simply “roll-over” into one of our new Programs.

What workflow best suits your company and accounting department? Click here to tell us. We give extra-special attention for mid-cap, small-cap and OTC SEC reporting issuers.

Properly tagged, your financial data and information can be transmitted, extracted, synthesized and utilized in boundless ways: your IR website, investment research portals, institutional desktops and wherever stakeholders need to view your company’s reports.

Converting documents to XBRL is a complex and time-consuming process that can easily become overwhelming and costly if not well-managed. Our team of experts will streamline the entire process for you, so your senior team can remain focused on business growth initiatives.

Benefits of XBRL

Improves the flow of your information to the capital markets. XBRL’s highly structured data is “intelligent” with descriptive information bundled into each data-point line item such as currency, language, reporting period, etc., thereby making it easier for analysts and investors to use. In essence, “data about your data.”

Increases visibility. Your financial and business data can be easily searched, extracted and downloaded from XBRL-tagged SEC filings, making it easier and less expensive for consumers of financial information to analyze and follow your company.

Establishes more efficient and effective dialogue with markets. Providing more accurate, up-to-date and complete information to investors helps improve access to new sources of capital, boost awareness and reduce the cost of capital. XBRL provides greater visibility for your company, enhancing your image and business prospects.

Single, authentic source of your financial reports. Your XBRL file becomes “the official data feed” for virtually a limitless number of investors and 3rd-party investment portals.We work with the industry’s top performers including the pioneer provider of XBRL solutions in order to improve the flow of business information worldwide. Vintage delivers solutions through its integrated portfolio of filing creation services, data and analysis products and software.

Our comprehensive solution delivers the software and services necessary to create accurate and complete XBRL tagged data.

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