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WorkStream: EDGAR and Document Management for Mutual Funds

By enhancing traditional publishing processes with automated publishing technology, Vintage WorkStream ensures timeliness and accuracy of crucial records.

The 100% agility of WorkStream: Vintage Workstream is a concierge service for Investment Advisors and their Fund Administrators to produce, SEC file and distribute Mutual Fund prospectuses, shareholder reports and marketing factsheets.

Capable of both traditional and automated publishing, Vintage Workstream is an agile document management program that exactly matches the production requirements of compliance & reporting departments and marketing departments within Mutual Fund and ETF complexes.

Unique in the industry, Vintage Workstream is customizable to best match the publishing volume within a trust and across a series of multiple funds.  

Vintage Workflow begins with detailed assessment of publishing needs:

  • Number of trusts
  • Number of funds
  • Current budget
  • Fund administrators’ workload
  • Publishing timeline
  • Anticipated growth 

Following the assessment, the best work flow is defined 

  • Traditional publishing for individual, isolated document creation for trusts with small series of funds
  • Automated, SaaS environment processing for component content management document creation for trusts with large series of funds

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Traditional publishing 

  • Simple workflow, lighter client responsibility and à la carte fees
  • Each document managed and created individually by Vintage
  • Favored stream for small trusts with limited series and shareholder reports, regardless of trust scale

Automated publishing

  • Component content management workflow for large trusts with multiple funds
  • All documents generated automatically from dynamic pool of approved content and data feeds
  • Reduces redundancies and assures content integrity and design continuity across all funds’ documents
  • Enterprise SaaS platform: shared resource across compliance and marketing teams
  • Generate prospectuses and marketing materials from the same content pool
  • Favored stream for large trusts with multiple series and classes of funds and aggressively growing trusts & funds

Seamless flow to and hardcopy financial print 

  • Standard or automated, all documents are formatted for filing and printing in HTML, XBRL and as a PDF
  • Output agnostic for all appropriate distribution points
  • Implementation from traditional to automated can begin in parallel with ongoing à la carte publishing
  • No disruption to current processes
  • SaaS onboarding and training carefully scheduled and executed to minimize any business interruption 

Constant Vintage oversight

Fund publishing is a complicated dynamic undertaking and to assure our clients’ success throughout Vintage WorkStream - whether tradtional or automated workflow - Vintage’s team of experts will manage and guide the entire process.

  • Single point of responsibility
  • Subject matter experts
  • 24/7 availability

The 100% agility of WorkStream 

  • Absolute flexibility to flow between automated and traditional for special projects and non-automated documents publishing needs:
  • Shareholder reports
  • Customized documents
  • Off-template creative design and typesetting
  • Assures intelligent balance between traditional and automation:
  • Compliance: prospectuses, shareholder reports, summary pro, SAI, supplements, XBRL/EDGAR
  • Marketing: Factsheets, profiles, commentaries, pitch books, XML/HTML and other data feeds
  • UCITs: Kiid’s and factsheets
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